Comparative Economic Systems

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The theory and history of Marxism and socialism

Philosophical precursors

Marechal and Babeuf - "Manifesto of the Equals" - "We aspire to live and die equal, the way we were born: we want real equality or death; this is what we need. And we'll have this real equality, at whatever the cost. Woe on those who stand between it and us! Woe on those who resist a wish so firmly expressed. The French Revolution is nothing but the precursor of another revolution, one that will greater, more solemn, and which will be the last."

Utopian socialism

Saint-Simon - "Letters from an Inhabitant of Geneva to His Contemporaries" - "Open a subscription in honour of Newton's memory: allow everyone, no matter who he may be, to subscribe as much as he wishes."

Crossroad Bruderhof, Minneapolis, Minn. - "Crossroad Community currently consists of two couples, a two-year-old, and several single people sharing a rented home, working in the city, and pooling our income."

Bruderhof FAQ - "We hope that our communities can help people to have a vision of what society can be like: a place where each child and older person is loved and taken care of, a place where we work against loneliness and poverty, where marriages stay together, where there isn’t violence, and where people willingly give up all their possessions for a cause that is greater than themselves."

What is the Bruderhof? A look inside...

Twin Oaks Community, Louisa County, Va. - "At Twin Oaks community in the USA , nothing is owned, everything is shared. Work, houses, money and even romantic partners. Founded over 50 years ago, it’s doing well, economically. Members share how small-scale communism can work."

Koinonia Farm, Sumter County, Ga.

About Koinonia - "We are Christians called to live together in intentional community sharing a life of prayer, work, study, service and fellowship. We seek to embody peacemaking, sustainability, and radical sharing. While honoring people of all backgrounds and faiths, we strive to demonstrate the way of Jesus as an alternative to materialism, militarism and racism."

The Marxian worldview

Karl Marx: The Socialist Revolutionary | Biographics

Marx for Beginners | Rius - A 1970's comic book that introduces Marx's life and thoughts. Take with a grain of salt

Marxism: Philosophy and Economics | Sowell