Assistant Professor | Georgia College

Instructor of Record | Florida State University

  • Economics of State and Local Government

  • Principles of Microeconomics

Teaching Awards

  • Dewey F. Bartlett Fellowship for Excellence in Economic Education—2019

Selected Student Feedback

Public Choice Theory

  • "I really enjoyed that I got to take this class during a Presidential Election as it forced me to pay more attention to the political climate than I normally would. I am not super involved or invested or informed about political things, but found myself a little more knowledgeable in current US topics because of class discussions. I really enjoyed that we learned about current events but always evaluated everything through an economic way of thinking. The tests were a LOT of writing, but Dr. Wallace seems to be a very fair grader..."

  • "I really enjoyed this course. Since this is Dr. Wallace's first semester teaching, I did not know what to expect going into the course, but I was so pleasantly surprised by him. He was a really great professor for this course and he made the content relevant and interesting. He also took the time to invest in his students and find out more about the topics that were interesting to them. I enjoyed our discussions of politics in class and I felt like I learned to articulate political arguments well using a public choice lens. The tests seemed overwhelming at first since they were very writing-heavy, but the test questions made sense and came straight from lecture material. As long as you came to class and participated, you could do well on the tests. I would highly recommend this course to other Econ students."

  • "Dr. Wallace is a great teacher. He broadened my understanding of public choice. He cares about his students success and keeps relent topics and current events in class. My favorite part of taking this course with Dr. Wallace is that he value student discussion. Many other professors do not give the students time to deliberate and talk with one another. Dr. Wallace does a great job of letting us all talk about the topics in class and it makes the class 1000x more interesting. 10/10 would take again."

Economics of State and Local Government

  • "I like that the course was not based on power points and was instead notes taken on the board with the professor. This made the material easier to understand and facilitated interaction with the professor. I also believe this stimulated the class's interest on the subject. Cullen Wallace did a great job teaching the course."

  • "The very best teacher I have ever had at FSU, inspiring teacher with great teaching methods and a friendly personality. Does not test to see if you have absolutely learned and are an expert of a subject but rather tests if you are learning which in turn inspires students to try harder."

  • "Cullen Wallace was an excellent teacher who was clearly knowledgable and passionate about the course material which made the topics more interesting."

  • "Absolutely incredible course. It has easily been one of my favorites in my time here. Cullen makes it very easy to get passionate about whatever topic he addresses because he presents so clearly and with such detail. He does a very good job of making sure his students understand concepts before moving along."

  • "Nothing about his instructional methods need improvement in my opinion! I enjoyed his methods of working on the whiteboard each class because it made you come to class for the course materials and it was very engaging to go through the topics together as a class rather than having a powerpoint up."

  • "I will highly recommend his classes to other students and I will look to see if he teaches other than what I have already taken."

  • "Professor Wallace did a very good job at answering difficult technical/fringe questions that I had regarding the topics we covered in class."

  • "Cullen is great. A true dude. He knows his stuff which is real important for a TA. He's great"

  • "The course allowed us opportunities to try to apply what we learned to real local issues."

  • "Very smart, lectures are very fluid, shows that he cares that we know the material"

  • "Good teacher and good guy, like the way he taught the class"

  • "I like how he explains everything and outlines his notes. Very organized and easy to follow. Explanations are extensive"

Principles of Microeconomics

  • "Thank you for a wonderful semester, and help to understand the realms of economics!"

  • "I really enjoyed the structure of the class. Everything was set on day one so we were prepared for the semester and knew what was expected of us. I liked how the lowest quiz and test grades were dropped as well. Overall the class was difficult but totally fair and consistent which I appreciate especially in such unpredictable times."

  • "I enjoyed the way you thoroughly explained the information in this class. I helped me understand the topic and made it seem simple."

  • "Made sure the students understood and would help them one on one during office hours. He was very understanding if anything popped up and affected the class and assignments."

  • "Professor Wallace is an amazing professor. He made things seem simple and easier to understand in a hard course. I appreciated all of his help and he is the best econ professor I have ever had."

  • "I enjoyed learning about micro economics because of Cullen Wallace I easily could have not enjoyed this class. The lectures were intriguing and informative. Cullen took on questions by students and was able to answer them fully and effectively."

  • "Cullen Wallace explained the information in this course very clearly and on a level that was easy to comprehend."

  • "he was such a nice professor. very caring about his students and patient. he values feedback and showed mastery in the subject."

  • "I'm not the biggest fan of economics, but Cullen provided great examples every class period which helped me to learn the content."

  • "Cullen was very straight to the point about everything and didn't waste our time at all. He also played really funny videos that were related to the course material."

  • "GOAT"

  • "He knows his Econ and he made sure we did too"

  • "I enjoyed that I did not feel intimidated to ask questions and the class was very open."

  • "Overall this class was great and Mr. Wallace did a fantastic job explaining everything and he is a great teacher."

  • "I really liked how the instructor used real world examples and applications that were easy to understand in his lectures and explanations. I think that his organization with how the course is set up, worked very well and provided structure that students need."

  • "I liked that Cullen Wallace provided examples about his own life when discussing topics and he made sure to go over topics multiple times if they were a little more complicated."

  • "The course itself was extremely informative on the subject of fundamental economics. Cullen Wallace is an excellent instructor who makes sure to go over the material very thoroughly and is more than willing to answer any questions students may have. He even set up extra office hours in light of upcoming exams to help students that may need extra help. He is always timely with his assignment postings and grading, and communicates very promptly."

  • "He made himself available whenever we had questions and took the time to answer every single question that anyone had with examples."

  • "Great all around instructor. Shows interest in the subject and actively gets the class involved in the learning process."

  • "I enjoyed this course because our instructor, Cullen Wallace, knows the subject matter very well, and is also very adept at teaching us the subject matter in a way that is both understandable and manageable."