Public Economics: Expenditures

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Measuring public sector size

How much do you know about the federal budget? PGPF

Direct government payments by program, USDA

Tax expenditures, Treasury

The budget and economic outlook, CBO

Social insurance programs, BEA NIPA 3.12

Government consumption expenditures, BEA NIPA 3.15.5

Government expenditures, BEA NIPA 3.1

Article I, Section 7, Clause 1, US Constitution

Article I, Section 9, Clause 7, US Constitution

Budget request, NASA

Budget request, DOD

President's budget, OMB

Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023

Agency contingency plans, OMB

Budget of the US government (overview),

Q&A: Everything you should know about the government shutdowns, CRFB

Appropriations watch: FY2023

Policy basics: Introduction to the federal budget process, CBPP

Why the US government is shutting down, Vox

How the government shutdown affects you, CNN

Biden demands details on budget cuts from McCarthy, NYT

In debt limit fight, Republicans won't say what spending cuts they want, NYT

Biden and McCarthy are set to discuss debt limit as both sides trade barbs, NYT

What is the national deficit? Treasury

Financial reports of the United States government, Treasury

Q&A: Everything you should know about the debt ceiling, CRFB

Debt limit, Treasury

Portfolio holdings of US and foreign securities, Treasury

Monthly statement of the public debt, Treasury

Government deficit as a share of GDP, OMB 1.2


A lesson in measuring the federal debt, FRED

What is the national debt? Treasury

Gift Contributions to Reduce the Public Debt, Treasury

"Use this form for contributions to reduce the public debt." (Minimum $5),

Debt ceiling, West Wing

Government spending as a share of GDP, Treasury

Government spending as a share of GDP, OMB 14.5

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Balancing the federal budget in 10 years without raising taxes is...impossible, TPC